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Thompson Creations is the vehicle by which Ad-Wear Advertising, hopes to bring a larger share of the market for tourism dollars to the Crow Indian Art. The symbols represented in the market have traditionally represented more Southern Tribes. Northern Tribes, such as the Crow, have a rich and meaningful legacy of design and form to bring to the embellishment of T-shirts, jackets, hats, and accessories used in promotions, advertising, and awards programs in the upper-plains states.

Thompson Creations and Ad-Wear Advertising has sponsored an Art Contest for grades K-12 in early January for the children of Fort Thompson to express their understanding of their culture. Not only was this an opportunity to recognize local artistic talent, but it gives the children an opportunity to see how technology can be used for them to impact their local economy. Joe Hess at the local middle school was instrumental in bringing this project to life. Cash prizes were offered to K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Only the middle school submitted entries.

1 St Place $35 Goes to 8th Grade Student, Mitchum Dupris ,son of Darlene Durpis of Cherry Creek South Dakota

2nd Place $20 goes to 8th Grade Student Loriona Head daughter of Melody Head of Fort Thompson, South Dakota

3rd Place $15 Goes to 6th Grade Student, Kayla Marie Gravatt, daughter of Glenda Felecia of Fort Thompson, South Dakota

In addition to the Cash Prizes, each winner recieved a set of color pencils.

Thank you for your participation! Your talent and participation with it will take you far!

The art submitted will interpreted by professional artists to bring Northern Indian Symbols to the market. All entries will become the property of Thompson Creations and Ad-Wear Advertising and cannot be returned.

In addition to Crow Indian Art, Ad-Wear will represent a well known nature photographerand designer.  Her work will appear on T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, and jackets.

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